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Monday, March 29th, 2004
10:13 am - Still in the village.

"Ooh! Ooh!" James said, "I go to the weapons shop!"
Alex sighed. "You are way too excited, man."
"I wanna buy a sword!"
"You don't have enough for a sword."
"What can I afford?"
Alex grinned evilly. "Ye spies a mop," she said.
James gave her a flat look.
"Okay, okay...the blacksmith says he can rent you a sword."
"Okay then. Is it magical?" James asked, his eyes bright.
"The blacksmith says yes." Alex said with a straight face.
"Wait....is he lying?" James asked, raising an eyebrow.
"He says he never tells a lie."
James shrugged. "Okay."
"Where are all the chips?" asked Carina, looking around.
"Um..uh, I don't know!" Said Soso, carefully tucking an empty bag of chips behind her."Let's go get you spell components, shall we?"
"And I'll go get some more munchies from that mysterious vending machine in the corner,"said, James, getting up.
"Why is there a vending machine there?" asked Sonja, "Was it there before?"
"It's better just to not ask questions," said Alex.
"Okay," said Carina, "is there a some sort of Magic shop where I can get some stuff?"
"There is a big shop labeled 'Bulk Magic Supplies Warehouse' just ahead." said Alex.
"Does anyone have an extra quarter, because otherwise I gotta get funyuns!" James complained.
The other three simply sighed in unison.
"So, what do you do next?" Alex asked.

Sorry, I just couldn't help throwing in all of the 'Summoner Geeks' references. It's one of my favorite comedy skits of all time.

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Saturday, March 27th, 2004
11:15 am - Into the village

"Let's see," Soso said in deep contemplation (well, as deep as she could which wasn't very deep at all), "Will we need any supplies for our journey?"
The DM nodded, "Yes, you will."
"Is there a village near by where we can buy them?"
The DM thought for a moment and then said, "Well, originally there wasn't, but if you give me five minutes I'll create one for you!"
The rest of the group rolled their eyes in unison, a very interesting sight, and waited for Alex to write a village seen. ("Don't forget the whores!" Soso cried loudly, "I need to prove to them how manly I am!")
Exactly seven minutes, two more strange comments from Soso, and a bag of chips later, the group left to Scructum Village.
"Alex!" Carina yelled angrilly, "I know where that word is from and we will NOT be going to any village with that name."
"Fine!" the DM replied, "You name it then!"
"Ooh!" James exclaimed, "how about Cheese Village, or even better yet, Monkey Village!"
Alex sighed, "Whatever, just get your supplies. You need weapons."
"It says I have three gold peices," Cat said, rolling her eyes, "what the hell will three gold peices buy me. I need magical components for my spells."
"Where are the cheetos?" Soso gibbered happily.
"SHUT UP!" replied the people in the room.
"Where's he Mountain Dew?"
Once they managed to quite Soso down, they went into the village to pick up there weapons.

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Friday, March 26th, 2004
6:10 pm - I can't fucking type today.

"So anyway," Alex continued, looking high and mighty in her DM position, although to the player characters she was as invisible as god. "Do something."
"Can I poke the pidgeon?" James the Sir Monkey theif whatever asked.
"You'd probably die," Carina said.
"In that case, go for it," Sonja snickered. Alex raised her eyebrow and continued.
"The pidgeon begins to explain the quest. Erishness. Err, he says you must cross the Mountains of Doomy Doom Death Doom to find the Cavern of No Hope of Ever Finding Your Way Out or In or Any Other Way, at the bottom of which you will find the Cell Phone of Expensive Calls, at which point you will recieve a COLLECT CALL from the next source of the quest."
"What the fuck were you on when you were writing this scenario?" Carina exclaimed.
"Marshmellows," the DM replied, quite calmly.

I can't do any more. Someone else pick it up.

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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004
8:33 am - More Stuff

A third hooded figure spoke up.

"So, we're in a dark room...and being offered a quest by a radioactive...pigeon?" spoke the person.
"Yup." Said Alex, matter of factly.
"Oh...okay." The person pulled off his hood to reveal shaggy blonde hair. "Sounds good to me."
Alex laughed. "You're silly, James."
James simply smiled. "So... I want to be 'Sir Guthric von Wilhelm, Knight in service to the crown!' Whaddya think?"
Alex raised an eyebrow. "Um.....whatever. You're the theif," She said, handing James a peice of paper.
James sat down and said "That's okay too, I guess..." he then took a chip from the bag and popped it into his mouth.
"Mmmmmm...."he thought for a moment, "...doomy."

This is just a bit of character intro to put me in the story hope you like it.

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Tuesday, March 9th, 2004
9:33 pm - Let's see what we can do with this thing... If you don't like it. We'll do the other one.

I tried to do an entry cut, but it didn't work. Sorry this is so long.

One dark and stormy night a gaggle of shady looking figures met in an old abandon warehouse. Each of the figures wore a long black cloack and carried a bag full of secretive-type items.
"God I'm wet," one of the figures said with annoyance, taking off their hood and shaking the water out of their short reddish hair, "do we have to do this here of all places?"
"Yes," another figure replied shortly, "it's more... uh... evil. Did you bring the Chips of Doom?"
The first figure nodded and pulled a bag of ranch-flavored Doritos out of her bag and set it out on the floor soon to be followed by soda and other snack foods that had been brought by the other members of the group. Others brought such items as a battery-powered space heater and blankets to set around on the ground or wrap themselves in. IT was pretty cold after all.
"Suddenly I feel a lot less evil wrapped in a Power Rangers' blanket," one of them said, "I thought we were going to play Dungeons & Dragons not have a sleepover."
"Well, the abandon warehouse thing is kind of dangerous," another said, "and we gave the snack foods spooky names. Does that count?"
"Uh, not really," the girl under the Power Rangers' blanket shrugged, "but then, the whole being evil spiel is actually completely irrelevant to the Dungeons & Dragons thing. I just thought that it would be fun to do it all secretively and stuff."
"And stuff," they all repeated together almost ceremoniously while trying to supress their snickering.
"Alex?" the girl with the short reddish hair asked, "why didn't we just do it in your basement with the lights off? And how did you get this place anyway? Isn't it illegal to be here?"
"DO NOT QUESTION MY ATHORITAY!" the girl named Alex said angrily, "I am the Ruler of the Universe. My word is the law! OBEY ME OR PERISH, MONKEYS!"
"Jeez, don't burst a blood vessel or anything. I was just asking."
"Shall we get started," said another girl reading a comic book, "and start the space heater up. I'm freezing."
They started up the game as well as the space heater. The girl with the comic book sat nearest to it and snapped like a dog at anyone that tried to move it.
"You are in a dark room," Alex started, "you can see nothing but a pigeon."
Carina, the one with the comic book raised a skeptical eyebrow. "You thought this up last night, didn't you?" she barked at Alex, the Dungeon Master, "if we are in a dark room, then how can we see the pigeon?"
"It is a radio-active pigeon," Alex replied knowledgeably, "now shut up or I'll take away all your gold and make the pigeon go evil and give you radiation poisoning."
Ignoring the fact that nothing in the mideval era could ever be radio-active because the isotope (sp?) hadn't been found yet, they continued to play the game.
"Stupid radio-active Pigeon!" the red-head named Soso exclaimed, brandishing a plastic Starwars lightsaber that she had stolen from her brother's toy box, "I attack the aforementioned pigeon with my mighty sword using mighty thrusting movements!"
"Roll the dice," Alex told her, rolling her eyes.
"Pass the mead," Soso said, pointing at the root beer as she rolled the die. It danced around on the floor for a few moments before stopping with the number "seven" facing upward.
alex looked down at her sheet before saying, "You miss the pigeon and it attacks you back doing seven points of damage."
"WHAT?" Soso protested, "but I only have six HP! That isn't fair! I can't believe I just got the shit beat out of me by a bloody radio-active pigeon."
"Maybe you shouldn't have attacked it then," Carina chided her.
"I'll heal you back to full health it you promise not to go attacking anything straight off the bat again," Alex said as she shook a finger of warning at her friend.
Soso grumbled a little which Alex took as a yes and continued the game.
"The pigeon opens it's beak and begins to tell you a tale of a treasure burried deep with the mountain you are now standing inside of," Alex began," The tunnels, it says, are filled with danger and you may not make it out alive. It will gide you to the treasure if you choose to come."
She paused for a moment.
"Do you accept the quest?"

Well, do you? If you guys don't like it, obviously we'll do Kat's. I just came up with this last night (before pinder and totemo_baka joined). They are one of the still hooded figures, and of how many there are, we'll have to find out.

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I wrote some rules for this community up in the profile. It is MANDITORY that you read the rules. In fact, before you do any posting I want you to read said rules and then comment on this entry saying that you have read them. I hate to be anal about this, but I think that it may save us a lot of trouble ahead of time.
Also, don't bother introducing yourself or anything. We already know who you are.
Enjoy! (or SHE will kill you)

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5:34 pm

Hey, I wrote this really neat start of a story too. How about I post mine too and then we can decided which one we like better?

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Monday, March 8th, 2004
7:26 pm - Blahdeblah!1

So...I'm just going to start this story by writing down whatever comes to my head. And it shall be called....

UntitledCollapse )

Done. For now...lets see what you can do!
Kat-chan =^.^=

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5:51 pm - One thing!

One thing before we start. I just want to say that I am horrible with names. You can change any names I make up, just put at the top of the entry (before the lj cut) blahblah = blah or something along those lines. Yup, that's it. If I can, I will have the first part up by tonight.

Kat-chan =^.^=

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8:03 pm - WAHAHA!

IT LIVES!!!!! *cackles evilly*
No will some one pretty please start this thing? I'm kind of lost on that part.

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